Why traditional recruitment methods fail us – especially those looking for a career change

In this podcast, I was interviewed about a talk I gave at the Work 2.0 conference earlier this year.  In my talk, I was critical of HR on three counts:

  1. Failure to change and radically shake up traditional recruitment methods which we know can be improved.
  2. Failure to adequately prepare and change how organisations train and develop staff to address the fact there is no job for life, and people need time and space to develop themselves for their next roles
  3. The lack of opportunity provided to career changers.  We’ve heard lots about ‘returnships’ but this implies people are only good for one career their entire lives.  What about those who didn’t like their first career and want to change?

The fuller interview can be heard on this podcast recording:

The Work Life Hub is a Brussels based consultancy business which specialises in helping corporates achieve better work life balance practises for their staff and employees.  Often fairly radical changes are made within organisations without any sacrifice or changes being made to productivity but with gains observed in employee reported measures of satisfaction and well being.  To read more about them, click here: