A career in HR? Read Ruth’s inspiring story of shadowing the Chief People Officer at FSCS


There are numerous areas to working in HR – how can you find out which is right for you?

Ruth has a lifelong passion for learning. Her work is inspired and driven by the exciting opportunities created by digital transformation. She wanted to learn more about potential career options within the field of HR and so met with David Blackburn…

David Blackburn is the Chief People Officer at The Financial Service Compensation Scheme. A multi-award winning, results-driven senior management executive with over 20 years’ experience in leading all aspects of Human Resources.

In her own words, this is how Ruth describes her day with David and all she learnt:

‘It was amazing!! David is such an inspirational, interesting, impactful person and the insights from the meetings were invaluable. Overall, it was invaluable because:

– I learned that I am not interested in pursuing HR as a HR generalist or working towards becoming a senior leader in HR

– it confirmed my passions about Learning and Development and Diversity and Inclusion. It gave me an insight into how companies are implementing those two areas of work and I am keeping my eyes and ears open for more opportunities to work in these areas on a freelance/contract or consultancy basis.

In terms of more detailed takeaways:


– David is a brilliant trainer and I am going to steal a lot of his ways of delivering training

– The Culture and Inclusion lead at Deloitte came into our meeting and gave an overview of their work in Culture and Inclusion – I was very inspired!

– David’s team had all come from really diverse working backgrounds and it was brilliant to hear how their career journeys to get to their current roles. It reassured me that careers don’t have to linear and you can get a role that you haven’t done before if you have transferable skills.

– From talking to the L&D Manager, it reminded me that I have a lot of learning and development expertise and experience.

Bottom line, David is a fabulous human being! A huge, huge thanks to ViewVo for setting up the day!’

David has also opted to donate his  ViewVo fee to charity – Positive East – providing better futures for HIV positive people. A truly fabulous human being!

Giving back whilst helping others on their career change journey; what could be better!

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You can read David Blackburn’s profile and connect with him here