Brave and bold ideas from the world of business psychology to radically rethink traditional people management approaches

Swim against the tide – brave and bold ideas for how to apply psychology at work

This months blog post is for the bold and brave decision makers in HR.  I’m doing a talk at Work 2.0 – a conference aimed at HR decision makers.

The significant changes we are witnessing as the world of work changes bring huge opportunities to reshape and consider how organisations manage the HR side of their business.  So much of what happens in does so because ‘that’s always the way things have been done’.  This book doesn’t just question how organisations strategically manage their employees – it provides ideas for change based on evidence based research.

Using best practise principles from the world of business psychology, this is a book for people who are brave, bold and who want to make a positive difference.

This ebook shares:

  • Why traditional methods for recruiting staff don’t work
  • Ideas and suggestions for empowering potential employees to make better decisions
  • Insights into how ideas about who owns learning are changing.
  • Innovative case studies showing different L&D policies and how these can drive change and engagement
  • Considers the ageing population and gives ideas on harnessing talent from diverse groups, championing the idea of the career ‘changership’
  • Ideas on how we can better manage the outplacement of people leaving the organisation.